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Equus Striping TruckEquus Striping is passionate about line striping. We love what we do and we want to do it for you. Striping is painting lines and symbols on asphalt and concrete parking lots and parking structures, playgrounds, sports fields and more. Equus Striping is a full-service striping company that excels in the striping business.

Equus Striping can stripe whatever line needs striping. With our state of the art line striping machines using the best quality paints and products available, we guarantee consistent, high quality, error-free lines.Our employees receive the highest quality professional training in customer service, design, layout and striping. With lines by Equus Striping your business will benefit from optimized traffic flow, increased safety and full ADA compliance. Equus Striping guarantees exceptional customer service and superior striping expertise.

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Equus Striping has performed superior work for Precision Wall Tech, Inc. This includes the layout of complete parking lots, graphics on asphalt, concrete and types of flooring such as basketball courts, playground games, maps, etc. They have also designed the dimensions for the layouts. They have executed the different types of painting on multiple projects. In my 34 years of business, I have never came across a better company to provide this service. Equus Striping's unique handling of our projects has set them apart. Their team consists of proactive problem solvers who consistently have provided superior striping and graphic results for our company.

Cindy Athey Founder & President Precision Wall Tech Inc