Wherever there is a painted line
someone had to stripe it.

About Us

Equus GarageHi, I am Megan Bailiff (President/CEO) and along with my partner Marcellus Shelton (VP of Operations) and my twin brother, Dan Bailiff (VP of Sales and Marketing) have founded the pavement marking company, Equus Striping.

At Equus Striping we are dedicated to changing the world, one line at a time.


Marcellus SheltonMarcellus Shelton, VP of Operations

Marcellus was born and raised in Washington DC and has nearly two decades of experience in the striping business. He worked for the major striping company in the DC area and during his time there he laid down lines on every street in the city including one line in particular of which he is most proud. Marcellus personally laid down the blue line (first time it was ever done) that kept President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama safe as they walked along it down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 2008 inauguration.

After 18 years in the business, Marcellus is known citywide for his expertise in design, layout and precision striping. He takes significant pride in his work, loves what he does and has imparted that love to me and Dan as well. That is why we know that Equus Striping will provide the best quality striping and customer service available.

Equus Striping currently specializes in striping parking lots, basketball courts, playgrounds, tracks and fields, baseball parks, football fields, soccer pitches, warehouses, curb painting as well as refreshing old lines (called recapping) and specialty markings (e.g., handicap spaces, arrows, electric car spaces, letters and numbers).

If you need new stripes of any kinds, Equus Striping is the company to call. Contact us today for a free estimate.