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A women & minority-owned business leaving our mark on DC and beyond. Since 2017, we’ve been building an incredible, durable, and flexible company – focusing on the talents and expertise of our team to propel Equus forward. Learn more about how we started by hearing from Equus CEO and co-founder Megan Bailiff

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Our History

Marcellus Shelton, one of our Co-Founders, owners, and VP was tasked with painting the blue line for Barack and Michelle Obama to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 2009 inauguration. The pride and dedication he put into that job is evident in every project he takes on.

Dan Bailiff, Megan’s twin brother, and our Co-founder, owner, and Director of Operations brings a daily ritual to our team. He carries a conch shell with him, a nod to their grandfather’s fishing heritage, and blows it every morning to signal the start of the day. It reminds us of the importance of tradition, family, and starting each day with purpose.

At Equus Striping, we value the uniqueness and individuality of each team member. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and experiences make us stronger and more empathetic to the needs of those we serve. We are more than just a pavement marking company; we are a family and committed to positively impacting our community.

Pavement Marking Services in Washington, D.C. | Equus Striping

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Pavement Marking Services in Washington, D.C. | Equus Striping


At Equus we are serious about safety. From streets to sports fields, we make it a shared, proactive responsibility no matter the job site.  We require our partners to adhere to these same high standards. All employees get thorough, ongoing training to ensure the safety of everyone on our team.


Meet Our Dazzle!

Dazzle (noun)


A group of zebras. Reflects unity, synchronized movement. Symbolizes teamwork and collective effort.

We’re like a dazzle of zebras, working together harmoniously to create stunning and impactful pavement markings in our community.

Zebras represents everything we stand for at Equus Striping – teamwork, precision, and excellence.

Megan B in Washington, D.C. | Equus Striping

Megan D. Bailiff

President/CEO & Founder/Owner

MDM Enterprises LLC DBA Equus Striping

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Megan Bailiff is the Founder/Owner and President/CEO of Equus Striping, a full-service pavement marking company serving the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Equus Striping, Ms. Bailiff provides executive leadership for her growing business, leading operations and strategic direction with full responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long-range planning, and administrative, operational, and financial management of the company.

Although new to the world of entrepreneurial business when she founded Equus Striping, Ms. Bailiff is an accomplished executive with decades of experience in organizational and administrative management, skills which have helped her quickly generate a track record of increasing sales, growing the company’s revenue while spearheading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs.

Since founding Equus Striping in May 2017 with her partners, Marcellus Shelton and twin brother Dan Bailiff, Ms. Bailiff has overseen more than a 200% increase in sales in the first four years. She obtained certifications in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, enabling business development in the lucrative area of set-aside programs for woman-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises and government contracting with Equus securing its first city contract as a Prime Contractor in 2020, just three years into the business.

Under Ms. Bailiff’s leadership, Equus Striping is a company that is dedicated to setting itself apart with superior pavement marking services as well as above-reproach business practices, exceptional customer relationships, and nurturing employee development. These leadership skills have also been recognized by the broader construction community, resulting in Ms. Bailiff being invited onto the local chapter Boards of Directors of both the American Subcontractors Association (ASAMW) and the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC-DMV) as an officer (Secretary) in May 2021. At Equus Striping, Megan Bailiff and her team are “Changing the World, One Line at a Time.”

Marcellus S in Washington, D.C. | Equus Striping

Marcellus F. Shelton

Co-Founder/Owner & VP of Operations

MDM Enterprises LLC DBA Equus Striping

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Marcellus Shelton is Co-Founder/Owner and VP of Operations at Equus Striping. In his capacity as Vice President of Operations, Mr. Shelton supervises all field operations, designs and implements technical and safety training for all field employees, and is a critical member of the estimating team. Mr. Shelton, with his two decades of experience in the striping business, is renowned citywide for his expertise in design, layout, and precision striping.

He takes significant pride in his work, loves what he does, and has imparted that love to his business partners. Over 18 years working at the major striping company in the DC area before leaving to co-found Equus Striping, he has laid down lines on every street in Washington, D.C.

Not only has his work made the DC Metro Area safer for all motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, he can personally claim credit for helping to keep our Nation’s first African American President safe as well. Mr. Shelton is proud to have been given the responsibility to lay down the blue line designed to ensure President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s safety as they walked along it down Pennsylvania Avenue during the 2008 inauguration. And it is with this same skill and pride that Equus Striping guarantees to provide the best quality striping and exceptional customer service.

Furthermore, as a lifelong DC native, Mr. Shelton is committed to helping Equus Striping to be a force for good in his hometown both as an employer and through the targeted community.

Dan B in Washington, D.C. | Equus Striping

Dan A. Bailiff

Co-Founder/Owner & Director of Operations

MDM Enterprises LLC DBA Equus Striping

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Dan Bailiff is a Co-Founder/Owner and the Director of Operations at Equus Striping. In his capacity as Director of Operations, Mr. Bailiff is responsible for preparing Equus Striping to effectively and efficiently scale our business via critical company operations including streamlining our project pipeline procedures, overseeing our facilities management and inventory tracking processes, and developing our systems integration processes as well as assisting in the creation of our training procedures.

Mr. Bailiff, with his decades of experience in program management and design, is results-oriented with proven success in building organizational effectiveness and field operation efficiencies. Using these skills, he has introduced efficiencies in both the office and the field, helping to improve Equus Striping’s productivity and reduce costs.

He plays an active role in assuring that Equus Striping is a successful company as well as a substantial and substantive community partner, local employer, and change agent in the world of construction. Along with his co-founders, Mr. Bailiff’s commitment is an assurance that Equus Striping is dedicated to our mission of “Changing the World, One Line at a Time”.

Team Equus

The company offers these individuals an opportunity to excel in their careers and make a difference in their community. Equus Striping’s mission goes beyond just providing excellent pavement marking services. It’s about empowering individuals who have been overlooked in the job market and giving them a chance to shine.

Megan, Marcellus, and Dan have truly made a positive impact on their community, and their dedication to creating a better future for everyone is truly inspiring. By supporting Equus Striping, you’re not only getting top-quality pavement markings, but you’re also supporting a remarkable cause that’s changing lives every day.

Line Striping in Washington, D.C. | Equus Striping
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